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Read the info below before booking

Please click on ‘Our Rules’ below if you’re new to Gain Ctrl, it is important that you understand our guidelines and requirements before attending a session.

Note that applying for a slot does NOT mean you have a guaranteed session, only that you have requested one. We will send you confirmation if successful.

Our Rules

+ Content recorded must be radio friendly & comply with the Gain Ctrl ethos, we do not promote the use of discriminative, derogatory or violent content. And in no way do we want to hear content that glorifies & encourages illegal activities or abuse.

+ Yes our studio sessions are free, but if you book and don’t attend you will effect your chances at getting future bookings.

+ To book a Monday slot you must first attend several Tues or Thurs drop in sessions to register, have an induction and let us assess where you’re at with your music. You don’t need to book a drop in session, just turn up on the day and ask for Gain Ctrl at reception here.

+ Please book at least 24hrs before the session you wish to apply for.

+ If you’re over 20mins late for a Monday slot without notifying us in advance your slot may be cancelled.

+ Newcomer slots on Tues & Thurs at Platform are for first timers only.

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* If you’re new to our services and want to request a 1hr slot you must first attend a Tues or Thurs drop in session a couple of times for us to assess your needs and give you an induction.

Also regarding 1hr slots, sometimes we are very busy and only have a limited amount of slots each week. So unfortunately have to decline some requests each week, however if you have applied several times and been unsuccessful please do contact us (via our contact page) and inform us so we can help get you in the studio asap.