Covid-19 + Studio Update

We have received a lot of messages asking when will the studio be open again, and though we can’t give you an exact date we can update you with where things are currently at as of today (please bear in mind that things are currently changing for the better every few weeks). Gain Ctrl, Platform and Islington Council are working their hardest to bring some normality to youth services but ultimately we’re having to wait on the Government to have final say on what can and can’t happen this summer.

What we do know is that the Government are planning on having young people return to schools and college in September, so this gives us a rough idea of when youth services might also resume.

There are talks of Gain Ctrl returning before this in the summer holidays (which starts 20th July) but, we’re waiting to find out what form this will take if so. What we know (as of today so things might change) is that recording could be a problem as vocal projection raises some questions around the risk of spreading covid-19. However there will most likely be support for those wanting us to help them with everything else around production, mixing, distributing, promoting etc.

We do have some good news to announce soon for those of you wanting to learn more about the business side of the industry. So stay tuned to our Instagram later in the week.

We’re also in the middle of recruiting new staff members to ensure our young people are getting the best support. We have been listening to your requests and want to make you feel heard, but we can’t share more info on this till we know what September will look like.

Those of you needing to Record, we suggest you still record demos at home if possible using Tully or Garageband on your mobile or computer software such as Logic or Ableton if possible. But we will also be putting together a guide on this website for those of you wanting to build a rough home setup.

We’re sorry that we can’t bring you more news at this time, but please know that if it’s possible to get back into the studio sooner we will be fighting for that opportunity. We’re always here for you in the IG DM’s or via email if you have questions, and we hope to see you all soon!

If you have other questions about Gain Ctrl please check to see if we have already answered them here.

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