Gain Ctrl is temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we don’t know when Platform Hub will reopen (yet). However we still wanted to keep you artists creating in the meantime, so…we spent the last week (and a bit) trying to figure out how we can all still work together online, and you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve created something we believe will help…


We found an app called Tully (link below) that enables you to do rough demo recordings at home on your phone. You can then request a Monday mix slot & send to us the files to mix & master (quality will vary depending on the recordings)


You can also request one of our limited Thursday feedback slots (here) where we will provide group production lessons, support with songwriting & music industry advice via the House Party app (click here to add us in advance).

To record rough versions of your ideas simply follow the steps below and we will have you back to creating in no time!

Step 1, download Tully on your phone below.

Step 2, click on the + sign in the top right to create a new project, then press the could icon on the bottom right to select or upload a beat and get writing

Step 3, put your headphones in and get ready to record (pro tip, jump under your duvet for some basic home sound proofing) then press play to start the beat and then hit record. Holding the phone about a phones distance away from your face with the microphone pointed at your mouth.

Step 4, hit record and get as good a take as possible. If you make mistakes don’t worry, you can try again till you’re happy with it. There is no rush 😉

Step 5, when you have a take you’re happy with, then hold tight. We’re working on a tutorial video that will explain how you can then send us these files. We will have that online asap, before the Monday slots become available. Till then why not start another idea on Tully? 😊


Those of you fortunate enough to have an Apple computer might want to look at our post about the 90 day trial version of Logic Pro X here. We have all your previous Logic files backed up on an external HD, and we can send them to you via for you to edit and work on from home. Please note file sending will be limited to 5 files per person, to request your files please email us at


Like to chat, share your music or get help from other Gain Ctrl members? then join our Discord channel below. We monitor the content posted and shared on this server, anyone found being inappropriate will be removed.

Any Other Support

If you’re aged 13-24 and require further support please contact the youth team at Platform by emailing or call/WhatsApp on 07884007588 and a youth worker will call you back. For more information click below.