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Simply attend one of our drop in sessions (Tues & Thurs from 4pm) at Studio One location (Click here for info), we will register you onto our system and then we can explain in person how our sessions work.

There is a chance we can book you in on the day if we’re not already full, and our studio sessions are completely free, you will never have to pay a penny.

We don’t wish to censor people from speaking about their reality, but we would prefer it was done in a way that would help people rather than potentially attack or discriminate against them.

So we have chosen to not allow content that is seen as harmful to yourself or others such as lyrics that include threatening behaviour, glorify illegal activities or that could be seen as bullying.

No, we have members from all over London and even surrounding areas such as Essex. However if you are traveling from far please arrive for 4pm to ensure you get a slot. You can reserve the late slots on our drop in days via our website but please only do this is you’re working beforehand or traveling from far.

To use our recording studio you must be between 13-22yrs old, though we will always offer what support we can to those that are older and in some special circumstances can make some temporary allowances.

If the track you recorded meets the content rules mentioned above then you’ll receive an MP3 of your song the same day you recorded it. We send all files out at the end of the day.

You’re also welcome to bring a USB stick and copy the Logic files, WAV files etc if your recordings during your session.