Frequently asked questions

Q: I’ve never done anything like this – That is fine, we have newcomers each week and introduce everyone to the process in a way that suits. There are no expectations or reasons to rush anything, this is not a course. we want you to have fun and do things in your own time.

Q: Are there rules about what I can say? – We ask that you avoid using content that involves derogatory abuse, threatening behaviour, illegal activities and overly sexual content.

Q: Are there age limits? – Gain Ctrl is for those aged between 13 and 20yrs old.

Q: What do I need to bring? – If you’re recording, try to prepare your track as much as possible beforehand. Write it out and know what beat you want to use (can be a beat online etc). If you’re coming to learn production then just yourself and some patience as it is not something you’re going to pick up overnight.

Q: When can I get my track? – We send recorded tracks out at the end of the sessions so as long as you don’t have any time consuming requests (like certain effects, mixes etc) you’ll get your track the same day you recorded it.

Q: How long are the sessions? – It depends on the day, but most sessions are 30mins long. Friday’s at Platform are 1hr slots though.

Q: Where is it? – We have several locations, click the locations button at the top of this website.

Q: Can I bring friends? – Of course! though each location has different rules on how many people can be in the studio at the same time. You friends can wait next door though.

Q: Can me and a friend use the studio without a Gain Ctrl engineer? – For health and safety reasons this is not possible, we always need a member of staff in the room.